Do you think neutral colors are boring? For me its a big no-no, in fact a calm. Neutral in this instance, means lacking or being without color. Or, in other words, unsaturated with color. lol. I usually stick to neutral earthly tones, my wardrobe is full of blacks, creamy colors and greys (yas greys because its my fav color) because it allows you to bring out some pretty bold elements into your style that may otherwise look overbright.

Here I wore a distressed tawny brown jogger from H&M matching with my brownie reptile skin print bandana.


I’m in love with this grey longsleeve from Forever21, perfect for summer (Summer is fast approaching omg!) because it has a very light fabric and it goes with my grey  shirt from Zara. Adding shades of grey to your ootds wont make you look dull.


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