Instagram, it is like an online portfolio or extension of you in a virtual world represented by pictures. You know the feeling when you spent too much time snapping the perfect picture, applying the right filter and crafting a caption to make even Hemingway swoon then you tap post and wait for the likes and comments to bomb your notifications and to light up the screen of your phone and it feels overwhelming. When people visit my instagram I really want them to be inspired by my feed / works and your overall feed your layout and everything is your first impression.

So here are my Instagram tips:


TopicDetermine your topic, the focus of your page if you are going to talk about cars, fitness, fashion, lifestyle photography make-ups and whatever.


PhotographerTypically some of the instagram photos are taken in an eye level angle, and it looks boring and flat so get the photographer as low to the ground as possible when taking the picture and shoot a more upward angle which elongate your body and makes you look taller.


BackgroundAlways keep your background in mind. When you are taking your photos using your phone make sure your background is not that messy and you are on the wall, because we cannot blur out the background on our phone’s camera. When Im taking my Photos for my instagram I actually use my DSLR because I am able to blur the background so that you can ensure your pose and outfit stands out and it looks clean. Go out and find a simple but ass dropping background.


PosesTry different poses like walking around and cross your legs a little bit and sit down, always shoot candid photos, add some movement to your photos, always pretend that no one is taking a photo of you and it doesn’t look like you are really posing for that photo. It will looks natural.

IMG_4512.JPGTake as many as you can Take as many as you can because No one is perfect in a one photo, so you have a variety to choose  that you can compare which one is much better and worth for Instagram.


LightingAlways follow where the light came from. Lightings can add more attractive to your pictures, the shadows, mid-tones and the highlights. Play with lights.


Don’t Over FilterI used to use a lot of filter before using VSCOcam, Afterlight, snapseed and Photoshop and I thought my images looked good but nah. I recently started studying / stalking Instagram accounts of top fashion bloggers and I noticed that their images are usually unfiltered, crisp, clear and in details. So I decided stop using filter on my images I just make the background monochrome so that the outfit can be easily seen and in details.


Thanks for wasting your time visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. You can follow my accounts here : Instagram Twitter

I want to hear you thoughts and suggestions just leave a comment in the comment box. Thank you.


Simple Fits:

Distressed shirt: Forever 21

Cardigan: HM

Jeans: Penshoppe

Sneaks: Vans






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