Flat lay

Flat lays are the most fascinating and iconic style on instagram nowadays since selfies got too mainstream but selfies are still the queen of instagram.It looks incredibly simple, more space like minimal sometimes balance, but it depends on your style on how you will going to arrange you materials. Β If you are a fan of flat lay, I’m pretty sure you wondered how can you achieve a flat lay.

Let’s talk about the background of your flat lay,Β find things like card boards, bed and wooden floorboards because they works amazing, they add that extra somethin’ somethin’ and it can really compliment the aesthetic too.
They might look simple but attractive. Keep the color in the same tone s that it will look neat, sassy, uniform and really good to the eyes.Play around with it and experiment the pieces until you find the right mix. It is very enjoyable and fun.
This is my favorite part. Always get a bird’s eye view kind of angle, sometimes it is difficult because of the space you need to take a shot from the top. Always match up the lines and make sure all your subjects are straight.

Always practice yourself in photography and practice styling items even you are not taking pictures it can help you to gather an understanding of how they would work in an image. Play with your subject and always have your own style.


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